““Freedom, Justice and Equality for All, Love of God and Our Fellow Man; Doing All the Good We Can for Our Community," Andrew J. Smitherman (1883-1961). The Purpose of the Buffalo Empire Star is to keep the African-American community informed about past, current and future events to continue onward in the struggle for freedom, justice and equality in the spirt of the underground railroad pioneers.

Brown appoints East Amherst resident to replace Karla Thomas

Patricia Folts, new City of Buffalo Human Resources Director to be...?

The Buffalo News reported on Thursday that  Mayor Byron W. Brown appointed Patricia P. Folts,  a resident from East Amherst, NY  to replace Karla Thomas. Folts,a white female, registered Republican appears to have a  a spotty work history,  two years stints in various  human resources jobs since she graduated from the University at Buffalo with a BA Psychology  in 1993 that she started in 1987.

Folts has a graduate degree in Human Resources she worked on from 2000 to 2005. The Buffalo Common Council has to approve Folts to the $91,374 a-year post.

On Monday,  August 29th Thomas gave a scathing interview to the Buffalo News about things happening in the Brown administration particularly the meddling with civil service positions. She said,

“Administration officials also frequently tried to nudge ineligible employees into civil service jobs, Thomas contended, claiming that her frequent objections played a key role in her deteriorating relationship with the mayor’s office. Thomas claims she rebuffed such ploys numerous times, noting that she had a state-sanctioned duty to follow the rules”

Folts described herself as a human resources generalist in her Linkedin profile. Interestingly, the last job Folts held was at LPCiminelli where former Deputy Mayor Donna Brown worked as well. She left Ciminelli nine months ago so what has she been doing since?

Had Brown aggressively done a national search perhaps there would have been more veteran human resources candidates applying for Commissioner of Human Resources especially if the competency of Karla Thomas was a  reason the Mayor fired her from  the position in a lengthy publicized hearing  last year in November that troubled many  in the African-American community.

Karla Thomas, former Commissioner of Human Resources, City of Buffalo

Patricia Folts, Mayor Brown's new appointee, Human Resources Commissioner


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